Why Alandia?

Alandia Engineering Group has been involved in electrical revamps, conversions and new constructions of all areas and systems involving electrical systems. With an experienced and professional organization and a network of credible subcontractors and suppliers, Alandia Engineering is prepared to take total responsibility on an electrical turn-key basis (EPC) for every aspect and detail of any project around the world.

Permanently focused on meeting the needs of our customers, despite our long experience in Automation, Instrumentation and Integration acquired in projects and services supplied since the beginning of our activities,  in 2015 we invested in strengthening our EPC structure incorporating to our experienced group of professionals, a highly experienced and specialized team in Automation, Instrumentation and Systems integration, in order to be able to offer as MAC (Main Automation Contractor) the same standard of excellence achieved throughout our long trajectory as EPC contractor dedicated to the energy sector.

In Alandia Engineering We are prepared to design, coordinate, implement and supply any kind of Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation systems, monitoring, command and control solutions, as separated items or as fully integrated Systems.

To develop a System, we  focus on the functionality and performance, learning and understanding deeply the processes and the client’s needs in order to implement the  best cost/ benefit integration of the process , systems components and operators creating safe and cost effective solutions.

We develop Man Machine Interfaces to offer to the operators, easier and more productive operation environments, choosing the best hardware / software solution for each project, investigating the specific characteristic of each process, hearing the operation people to create  safe operations and optimized methods of presentation of the information, using SCADAS, DCS, virtual reality and Augmented Reality.

We can think of monitoring a single machine or equipment (pumps, filters, heat exchangers, boilers, etc.)  up to optimizing and controlling and supplying  very complex systems as a EPC/MAC.

We are able to assist our clients when they know the solutions for their needs, proposing feasible methods of project and optimized implementation and also we are capable to present solutions when they just know what they want to reach, better performance, better quality, better environmental performance, etc. proposing solutions after a debottlenecking study or a feasibility study. Technically we are flexible, able to work for a small Project or Supplying a Major Project as an EPC/MAC.