Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction

Reducing Power Consumption Correcting the Power Factor

Alandia Engineering provides specialized services for both land and marine based applications to precisely determine the necessary measures to correct Power Factors and then supply and install the right equipment for each specific installation.

With patent pending technology we are able to make Electrical Systems operate smarter with an increased lifespan,  verifying the Client´s installation and proposing feasible solutions to improve the Power Factor to a value close to 1 (ONE).

Energy saving;

Power Factor devices are designed for electrical consumers to reduce the energy consumption (kWh) and KVA demand by optimizing the power factor (cosδ) for inductive loads. This will reduce the electrical losses and lower the carbon foot print

Power Factor Correction advantages;

By choosing to save energy (fuel) by optimizing the power Factor you will have get an advantage of keeping your existing equipment running without any impact to the performance of the process. This includes;

  • NO Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in your network
  • The characteristics of the equipment connected to the motors will not change
  • Very low or No maintenance
  • Easy installation and startup.

With the equipment low cost and easy installation, the Power Factor Correction has a very good Return of Investment (ROI) in a very short time.