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Green Solutions

Custom E-Houses

  • Design, manufacturing, and outfitting class certified marine structures for energy storage, fuel cells, power, shore connection, drives etc.

  • Design Engineering
    - Provide expertise in basic and detailed design for a wide range of projects, from refit to new solutions.


  • Manufacturing
    - Manufacture from your detailed design. For more than 30 years, we have outfitted switch rooms, control rooms, bridge, substations, battery rooms etc..
    - Each structure/room is built to design, including roof, ceiling, walls, thermal insulation, access points, doors, flooring, lifting and anchoring points, coating, and paint.


  • Outfitting
    - Electrical interfaces, main power, power for HVAC, lighting, and UPS.
    - Mechanical interfaces, piping, HVAC, chilled water, firefighting.
    - Serial interfaces, power management etc. Cooling specific to equipment, fire detection as required by equipment and class, zoned water mist, CO2.
    - Access, alarmed doors, hatches, evacuation, and monitoring.


  • Installation
    - Our team together with our partners ensure that E-Houses is fully inspected and tested.
    - Installation and commissioning can be done globally on time and fully approved by authorities.

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